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Studio Markunpoika, Lounge Chair from the series "Engineering Temporality", 2013, steel, 102 x 65 x 78 cm, one of a kind


Engineering Temporality
Lounge Chair

Tuomas Markunpoika drew his inspiration for the series “Engineering Temporality” from his grandmother, whose memories were gradually dissolving and fading in the grip of Alzheimer’s disease. In Western culture memories are often equated with possessions; they are “kept alive” or “preserved” as if these processes were able to transform them into material items.
To realize his ideas, the designer selects pieces of antique wooden furniture or makes his own; in both cases, the pieces serve as a kind of mould which is enclosed by his fragile creations. The furniture is then encased in thousands of small metal rings, each one a unique irregular piece which the artist creates by sawing small sections from lengths of conventional steel piping before welding them around the outlines of the furniture like chain-mail. In this process, Markunpoika strives to capture the physical memory of the item, while at the same time providing it with a new structure, ring by ring. As soon as the furniture is covered in a semi-transparent layer of rings, it is set alight. The wooden furniture is entirely consumed by the flames, leaving only the exoskeleton of steel rings as a ghostly, friable image to remind us of what is past.

"Engineering Temporality Lounge Chair"
Design: Studio Markunpoika
Year: 2013
Material: steel
Dimensions: 102 x 65 x 78 cm
Edition: One of a kind