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Studio Besau-Marguerre, "Iridescent Copper", 2013, copper, 70 x 58 x 13 cm / 50 x 41 x 9 cm, Edition 10 each size

Studio Besau-Marguerre, "Iridescent Copper", 2013, copper, 70 x 58 x 13 cm / 50 x 41 x 9 cm, edition 10 each size


Iridescent Copper

The captivating design of the mirror „Iridescent Copper“ explores all the possibilities offered by the natural discolouration process undergone by copper. Copper reacts when exposed to heat and oxidizing gases such as oxygen, causing shimmering, iridescent colours to spread over the surface of the metal. Soft annealing, a type of heat treatment, has long been used in traditional manufacturing processes; however, the colours naturally produced in this process, known as ‚temper colours‘, are usually considered to be a flaw.

For Studio Besau-Marguerre, these glossy colours represented an exceptional kind of beauty. The designers developed a form of heat treatment that enabled them to control the colours, using a simple black-and-white laser print as a template; the toner in the print reacts with the copper, the ambient air and the heat at specific points. The process produces the lustrous, iridescent rainbow of colours -  ranging from pale straw to pink or pale blue - that lends such a sensuous texture to the polished copper surface.

“Iridescent Copper” is a design object that is both a mirror and a wall shelf; the flat, two-dimensional nature of the circle is disrupted by the ight-angled fold in its lower section, adding a further practical function as well as dramatically reshaping the object‘s overall proportions. “Iridescent Copper” embraces its environment, incorpo- rating its surroundings in the shimmering palette of colours while replicating them in its warmly reflective surface.

The mirror is available in two different sizes.

Spiegel „Iridescent Copper“
Design: Studio Besau-Marguerre
Year: 2013
Material: Kupfer
Size: 28 x 23 x 5 inches / 20 x 16 x 4 inches
Edition: 10 pieces each size
Price: € 3.000 / € 2.500