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Oskar Zieta, "Chippensteel 0.5 Copper", 2009, Copper, 78 x 60 x 41 cm, Edition 100


Chippensteel 0.5 Copper

Chair Chippensteel 0.5 Copper

An inflated sense of its own stability: "Chippensteel 0.5" is a limited-edition advanced version of the "Chippensteel" made of the precious metal copper. In this model,the copper sheets which make up the chair were shaped into more delicate lines which are nonetheless capable of bearing higher weights. Like the legendary PLOPP range, the "Chippensteel 0.5" was produced using FiDU technology in which two sheets of steel are welded together and 'inflated' using highly compressed air. This process creates a unique three-dimensional effect which is outstandingly stable and strong and easily copes with everyday use. Chair "Chippensteel 0.5" Design: Oskar Zieta Material: Copper Price: On request Dimensions: 78 x 60 x 41 cm