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sgroll/vidal, "Objects of Transit No. 1", 2012, photogrpah, synthetic resin, fibreglass, 106 x 121 x 42 cm, one of a kind / photography 3 + 2 AP


Object of Transit No. 1

“Objects of Transit”

The series “Objects of Transit” resulted from the designers' search for ways in which the media of photography and art could be combined. Here too, their starting-point was a photograph by Frederick Vidal showing a section of cables, metal components, flowers or fabrics; the large-scale image was then shaped into a sculptural object that opens into the room. The series comprises six different objects.

“Objects of Transit"
Year: 2012
Materials: Photograph, synthetic resin
Number produced: One of a kind / Photograph, 3 copies (+ 2 Artist Proofs)
Price: € 9,000