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sgroll/vidal, "Object of Transit No. 2", photograph, synthetic resin, fibregalss, 117 x 142 x 33 cm, one of a kind / photography 3 + 2 AP


Object of Transit No. 2

“Object of Transit No. 2”

The series “Objects of Transit” resulted from the designers' search for ways in which the media of photography and art could be combined. Here too, their starting-point was a photograph by Frederick Vidal showing a section of cables, metal components, flowers or fabrics; the large-scale image was then shaped into a sculptural object that opens into the room. The series comprises six different objects.

“Object of Transit No. 2"
Artist: sgroll/vidal
Year: 2012
Materials: Photograph, synthetic resin
Dimensions: 117 x 142 x 33 cm 
Number produced: One of a kind / Photograph: 3 + 2 AP
Price: € 9.000