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Silvia Knüppel, "Pl(a)ywood Commode", 2007, wood (spruce), unpainted, 85 x 75 x 38 cm, Edition 7, price on request



Pl(a)ywood chest of drawers

The Pl(a)ywood Series by Hamburg designer Silvia Knüppel lives up to the promise of its name; playful use of this chest of drawers is not only possible, but positively required. It is made up of 38 loosely stacked individual layers of solid wood, reminiscent when fully closed of a classic baroque chest of drawers - but only at first glance. Each of these 38 leaves can be removed from the table where required and used as a tray, chopping board or shelf, dissolving the chest of drawer's compact, clean lines and transforming what appears to be a workaday piece of wooden furniture into a dynamic, living sculpture with a wide range of functions.

“Pl(a)ywood chest of drawers”
Design: Silvia Knüppel
Year: 2007
Material: spruce wood, unpainted
Dimensions: 85 x 75 x 38 cm
Edition: 7
Price on request