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Hermann August Weizenegger, "Spin Lamp", 2013, aluminium oxide, 60 x 30 x 30 cm, Limited edition of 10


Spin Lamp

Spin Lamp

The SPIN Lamp represents the perfect interplay of scientific material research and design. The ceramic outer shade, developed in cooperation with the German Aerospace Centre, boasts a mesh structure, which arises from the computer-based coiling process. The functional material used, WIPOX is normally found on the tips of space shuttles, so it is extremely stable and resistant to pressure and heat. It was Hermann August Weizenegger who explored the design potential of this innovative technology and cutting-edge industrial ceramic, and productively researched its use in the area where design and research merge. The mounting, with its ventilation slits, was created as a central element of the lamp construction using a 3D printing process.

At around 700 grams, the 60 cm by 30 cm SPIN Lamp is comparatively light. Its inner glass body is handmade by the Theresienthal glass factory so, at the same time, the high-tech, material-centred object enters into symbiosis with the glassmaking tradition.

„Spin Lamp“
Design: Hermann August Weizenegger
Year: 2013
Material: aluminium oxide
Measurements: 60 x 30 x 30 cm
Edition: Limited edition of 10
Price: on request