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Oscar Wanless & Bethan Laura Wood, "Taut Taut", 2012, carpet by "Vorwerk", wood, cord, 280 x 300 x 300 cm, one of a kind



Object „Taut Taut“

The form of the pavilion „Taut Taut“ by Bethan Laura Wood and Oscar Wanless is reminiscent of architectural icons such as Bruno Taut’s Glass Pavilion or Buckminster Fuller‘s geodesic “Biosphere” pavilion for Expo 67. The artists’ choices of colours and materials produce an object which both occu- pies and creates space and inspires us to raise questions concerning contemporary utopias.

Object “Taut Taut”
Design: Oscar Wanless & Bethan Laura Wood  
Year: 2012
Material: Rug by Vorwerk, wood, cord
Size: 110 x 118 x 118 in
Edition: Unique copy 
Price: € 6.420,-