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Elisa Strozyk, "Wall Intarsia 1-3", 2015, wood, textile, 100 x 160 cm (each), One off a kind (each)


Wall Intarsia 1-3

Wall Intarsia 1-3

Traditionally perceived as a stable, solid substance, in the hands of Elisa Strozyk wood becomes malleable and sculptural. Wood veneer assembled from a myriad triangular segments is applied to fabric, adopting textile properties and creating a flexible and mobile material that combines the rigidity and softness of the two materials in an outstandingly tactile way. The "Wooden Textiles" series garnered numerous awards, including the Young Design Award of the German Design Council and the 2011 Salone Satellite Award.

The latest interpretations in the series are the “Wall Intarsia” wall tapestries, in which the mosaic texture of the unusual material itself becomes the image, its nuances of black, grey and natural cream extending over the wall as a dynamic visual ensemble. 

"Wall Intarsia 1-3"
Design: Elisa Strozyk
Year: 2015
Material: Holz, Textil
Measurements: 100 x 160 cm (jedes Stück)
Edition: Unikat (jedes Stück)
Price on request